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Division of Assets in Divorce Made Simpler by Lori Lustberg, Esq. LLC

Going through a divorce can be a challenging experience, especially when everything you own has to be divided. How should your shared assets be divided? Is a 50/50 split practical in the long run? How will your financial future be affected? All of these questions and many others don’t have easy answers, which is why you may need professional advice.

Lori Lustberg, Esq. LLC, provides divorce financial analysis and mediation services that are focused on helping you understand your money better. Based in Shelburne, Vermont, Lori is an attorney licensed to practice in Vermont and New York, as well as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Lori brings an in-depth knowledge of every financial issue concerning divorcing couples. She utilizes advanced financial analysis software that anticipates issues you might not otherwise consider to assist you in achieving an equitable, long-term solution.

Expert Divorce Financial Analysis and Mediation Services Focused on Solutions

Many people entering into a divorce settlement are unaware of the long-term implications of their decisions today. Divorce financial analysis is a specialized area of divorce in which your marital assets, liabilities, income, expenses, taxes, and asset depreciation over time are analyzed to determine the best starting point for a settlement proposal.

In studying your unique situation, Lori will consider issues most people don’t think of and will use her legal and financial knowledge and experience to help you determine the best long-term divorce settlement for your interests. A fair and progressive settlement bestows peace of mind upon both parties, and will allow you to:

Divorce Financial Analysis does not need to entail chaos
  • Protect your children’s future
  • Provide for your well-being and financial stability
  • Plan for your retirement

Without in-depth financial analysis, you could discover some unforeseen surprises down the road. Lori will listen to your concerns, evaluate your situation using financial analysis software, and present options to help you achieve equitable long-term solutions.

Affordable, Compassionate, Practical Advice from a Certified Professional

Divorce does not need to entail chaos. Lori can illuminate answers you might never have considered.

She is certified as a Divorce Financial Analyst by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts and ready to bring her compassion and insights to find the best divorce settlement or conflict resolution for you.

Her services are surprisingly affordable, and can save clients money by helping them understand the implications of decisions related to taxes or depreciation. Your initial consultation is free. Contact Lori today for personalized divorce financial analysis.

Lori Lustberg, Divorce Financial Analysis, Conflict Mediation and Law


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“I highly recommend Lori to anyone going through a divorce or conflict of any kind. Her intelligence, warmth and compassion, as well as her ability to put people at ease, have been a great asset to my office over the years.”

Antoine T. Williams, AAMS, CDFA